An Outlook on the upcoming Doctrinal Talks between SSPX and the Vatican
In my head, this makes sense, but I have been having trouble writing it down, but I'll try.  But it seems to me, that if these talks are to be held.  There is a potential for a bombshell to occur.  The Vatican does have a lot to lose by them (pending on point of view).  Because if the talks are mainly about clarification of Vatican II, especially in "light of tradition."  Which means the Vatican officials have to defend that.  The question is whether the Vatican can successfully argue that point.  If the aftermath of Vatican II was caused by a "misinterpretation" that is easy enough to fix I guess, but if the documents of Vatican themselves are falliable and to blame. 

First off, that suggests that the Church is fallible or that it will be interpreted by the enemies of the Church as that.  Secondly, the Church has been living outside of tradition for the most part and in rupture. Thirdly, this greatly damages the papacy of Paul VI and John Paul II as implementors of the reforms while vindicating Archbishop Lefebvre, which some tradtionalists will herald as the modern Athanasius (aside from those of you who think that already).  Now, much of the discussion could be swept under the rug and we will never know what happens.  But if such an admission that the documents of Vatican II were not made "in light of tradition" was made public that means every priest formed in the last 40 years have severe deficienies as most seminaries are essentially built around Vatican II as a starting point.  And ultimately, it becomes a question of where the Church goes from here.  We can't simply go back to the way it was.  Nor we can't continue on the path we are right now.  The hope will be a gradual reversion to Tradition, while maintaining the better aspects of Vatican II.  Indeed there could lead to another council to settle the matter, but I doubt the pope in his old age will call a council.  I could see in 30 years from now, another council being called when all the moobats are dead that will settle matters once and for all.  However, I can see schism on the horizon where the half-protestantized catholics will leave the church and form their own church or join the Anglicans, which many would say good but this would be detrimental to a lot of souls for that to happen.

I don't know if any of this makes much sense, but this is something I have been thinking about, perhaps I am thinking too much into it or being too grand in my interpretation of events. 

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