An Outlook on the upcoming Doctrinal Talks between SSPX and the Vatican
(08-02-2009, 01:39 AM)DarkKnight Wrote: There's a reason his Cause has been slowed down.

His "Cause" having been slowed down!!!

The Vatican II liberals and neo-cons have done everything in their power to canonize this man earlier than anyone else!  I believe the only reason why he hasn't already been canonized is due to the Holy Ghost, despite the advances of the libs and neo-cons.

Iggyting:   I was once under the same idea as you, thinking that Vatican II was purely legit but only misunderstood and misrepresented.  As that is true in part, there can be no denying that there are passages within the text that represent a complete departure from the Faith and ancient teachings of the Church.  Stating that the Muslims worship the "one true God" along with us is clearly one of them.  The declaration of Religious Liberty (Dignitatis Humanae) is another clear example of this.  At the time, Msgr. Lefebvre refused to sign it.  In this case his objections were doctrinal. The documents of Vatican II come within the category of the Church's Ordinary Magisterium which can contain error in the case of a novelty which conflicts with previous teaching.  The Declaration contains a number of statements which it is not easy to reconcile with traditional papal teaching and in Article 2 there are two words, "or publicly," which appear to be a direct contradiction of previous teaching.  Read the encyclicals of Leo XIII (Libertas Humana, Immortale Dei), Pius XI (Quas Primas) and tell me that the Vatican II documents on Religious Liberty aren't a complete contradiction of those writings of the pre-conciliar popes - Popes who held the Chair just a few decades before this horrid council.

My friend, understand that Vatican II is NOT an infallible council - the only things that are infallible within the documents of this "Pastoral" council are declarations from previous infallible documents hidden cleverly within Vatican II's documents.  This was done for a reason, for it has always been Satan's plan to mix truth and error so as to cause complete confusion - and thus get the false obedience that we are dealing with today, which is indeed Satan's masterstroke (sowing disobedience to all tradition through obedience).  Vatican II departed from the previous councils in that it was NOT Dogmatic, but "Pastoral."  This should be a "red-light" to us all, but the liberals used this to declare revolution, thinking well off that the common Catholic will believe that the council's documents will be infallible and require solemn obedience.  In this matter their schemes were more successful than they imagined.  Vatican II was an infiltrated, subverted council - and the texts and the following revolution proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt - due to how much the religion changed in the tumultuous 1960's and 70's - the time directly after the council, when revolution was in the air.

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