An Outlook on the upcoming Doctrinal Talks between SSPX and the Vatican
OK, I tried to be an honest fellow and read all through the existing replies, but I'm feeling very much blunted by it all, when I'd rather be honed like a fine sword.  I think I will appeal to Chesterton who said "the next best thing to being entirely within the Church is to be enitrely outside it".  The summary of all I've heard concerning the history of SSPX is that a valid branch of apostolic succession was established without permission of Peter's successor; and that the same branch has obstinately persisted in willful Canonical disobedience to Peter's successor. I've heard *of* these doctrinal disagreements between SSPX and --- well, I can't quite make out what authority they'd say they disagree with, actually, will someone please clear that up? --- but otherwise, the REST of the visible communion; and I'm similarly unclear about the specific complaints they make.

As far as Bishops vs. Councils, I know of only one Bishop granted the grace of infalible moral or doctrinal declarations.  On the other hand, Nestorius bishop of Constantinople around 428~9  preached against Mary's title "Mother of God"; which preaching was later condemned at a council he himself largely organized; so while heretical preaching among the bishops certainly *irks*, it isn't *new*.  Church Councils, on the other hand, declaring by unanimous consent are supposed (help me here?) to reflect the unanimous belief of all the bishops, which *is* infalible.

And about living outside Tradition: we can't possibly know what proportion of the baptized or the Church in visible communion were living properly within Tradition in 1910 or 1950 or 1962 (or 1066 for that matter); and if anything, what's happened since has clarified what *bishops* and *priests* have a good understanding of Tradition, which ones don't, what the layfolk imagine "enough" Tradition to be; it couldn't possibly have happened without willful ignorance on the part of ALL THREE sets prior to the "changes".  And the worst scandal of it, actually, is the open toleration of poor catechesis among those unhappy souls of the new generation (like me!) who have died early (unlike me!) without seeing the full glory of liturgical and catechetical Tradition properly rejuvenated.

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