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Quote:I have made it my purpose to support with my modest and humble abilities the struggle which the Catholic Church fights against those evils and for the divine truth.” (Franz Werfel in a letter to the Archbishop of New Orleans.)

Br. Maluf Wrote:If Franz Werfel is not in hell, it must be because he has since reversed his direction. If he is now in heaven, it could only be because he has since regretted the pride he paraded through life, and heartily desired the baptism of water which he evaded when it was available, and belonged to the spirit of the Church by doing all that was possible to him to be incorporated in its body. As far as we are concerned, there is evidence only to the contrary, and to his obstinacy to the very end.

Seriously? An unbaptized Jewish intellectual who takes up the study of the Catholic Faith and starts a Marian devotion is going in the wrong direction?  Seriously?? He should reverse his direction?  Supporting the Church is a bad thing?  When was Br. Maluf given the miraculous ability to see how God dispenses actual graces in regards to individual souls?
(08-09-2009, 10:34 PM)OmniaInstaurareInChristo Wrote:
(08-09-2009, 09:39 PM)CyberSaint Wrote: What is "EENS"?

extra Ecclesiam nulla salus (outside the Church there is no salvation

Inside some archdioceses, the odds are pretty long too for that matter!
"Kinkead, Baltimore Catechism" Wrote:“Suppose, however, that there is a non-Catholic who firmly believes that the church to which he belongs is the true Church, and who has never — even in the past — had the slightest doubt of that fact, – what will become of him?

“If he was validly baptized and never committed a mortal sin, he will be saved; because, believing himself a member of the true Church, he was doing all he could to serve God according to his knowledge and the dictates of his conscience … that person would be saved; because, being baptized, he is a member of the Church, and being free from mortal sin he is a friend of God and could not in justice be condemned to hell. Such a person belongs to what we call the soul of the Church. He would belong to the body of the Church — that is, he would attend Mass and receive the sacraments — if he knew the Catholic Church to be the only true Church.

“I am giving you an example, however, that is rarely found, except in the case of infants or very small children baptized in Protestant sects.”

Do you believe this is false (exactly as stated)?

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