'Two rites make a wrong' - US Catholic article and poll
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There's also a difference between the positive will of God and the permissive will of God.

Only in our perception. God is simple.
This is untrue, not to mention naive. The human mind cannot comprehend God in His entirety.  

Whatever happens happens according to his will.

Which doesn't necessarily mean He approves of it.
Back to the topic: the New Order Mass is the will of the Church, the mystical body of Jesus Christ,
approved by three popes and the continuous college of the bishops.

As history has shown, it's been one of the most piss poor decisions any Pope has ever made.
There are only two logical stand: either accept that the New Order Mass is the valid Sacrifice of Jesus Christ,

which represents Jesus Christ among us today for the majority of the Catholics,


to believe that except a few sedevacantist everyone became heretics.

This later is not impossible, that unprecedented and very unlikely.
[b] You left out the other possibility, which is that it's a flawed Mass which should be avoided, even if it's valid and licit.[/b]

Going back to the pharisees, they truly believed that they represent the truth, and Jesus Christ
was blaspheming claiming Himself to be the Son of the Living God, or even claiming that
He is the Lord of the Sabbath, who can break the well established laws. They sat in the seat of Moses,
they represented the legal authority.

Their full tradition was behind them, except some quite hidden revelations, which were understood even by the
Apostles after they received the Holy Spirit.

Here are the New Testament testimonies about the Pharisee


and pharisees


It worth to meditate on the passages in the context. Legally the truth was on
their side.  Some of them were hypocrites, others like Nicodemus,
Gamalies, Joseph of Arimathea or Saul were not.

Jesus' biggest problem with the Pharisees was that they wouldn't accept His (Jesus') Divine interpretations of the Scriptures, as they had the same Scriptures as our Lord did (The Old Testament), but instead relied on their own interpretations.

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