Catholic Community
these folks live in da U.P.
not Traditionalist though

I dont know of any quasi self sufficent WI town with a trad community...except one that disbanded because the priest was accused of being a pervert and put in jail??
(08-14-2009, 04:08 PM)didishroom Wrote: Sorry but I don't believe in such an idea. We are supposed to live in the world and not be of the world. I dunno, but I've never felt comftorable of the idea of Catholic families escapiong somewhere like Amish or the those people in The Village.

How are we supposed to be a "light to the world" if we're hiding in Montana?
I have to agree with didishroom here.  This idea sounds a bit too much like hiding one's light under a bushel.  Still, the idea of living only with people of a similar mindset is quite appealing...
A weary soul could certainly use a place of refuge, now and again. 
(08-14-2009, 10:28 PM)mamalove Wrote: In days before cars and fast transport, Catholics did live near one anohter and close by the parish. 
They had to if they had their faith, they needed one another for friendship, and the church for worship. 
Like the amish are now, Caholics were.  I live in an area that was once heavily rural catholic farmers.
There are many closed down country churches, and in the 60's there was a mass exodus of catholic farming families, and the amish moved in.

That's only a half-truth. Rural life does not equal "Amish", nor does it equal "Catholic". Amish culture did not raise up the Gothic churches of the Middle Ages or host the vibrant (literal) Renaissance fairs. They didn't pay men like Bernini and Rubens to capture the passion of the Baroque age in stone and plaster; or spearhead the ingenuity behind the Spanish galleons or the telescope.

Let's not forget that Christendom was founded in the cities of the Roman Empire. The word "pagan" literally means country dweller; they were the last places the gospel reached, and even until the High Middle Ages, priests could be so few in the most rural areas that even the most devout serfs might have gone to confession once or twice a year.
true but it was the monasteries and communities that arose from them that saved it
(08-15-2009, 08:20 AM)devotedknuckles Wrote: true but it was the monasteries and communities that arose from them that saved it

Yes, but they are different than the communities being proposed here.
yes this is a different time. so it needs some of its own ideas. nothing wrong with developing on the past for the needs of a bloody future.
those who want to stick around inner cities should do it.
the wise ones no better. when the shit hits. the cities are death traps.
awesome idea. check out this guys got some good ideas too. personally, i dream of a world where i wake up and greet Catholic neighbours, get into my car which i bought from a Catholic car dealer, and drive to my work where only Catholics work. when i'm sick i would only go to a Catholic doctor, when a crime occurred i would only have to deal with Catholic police.
it arouses my ire to suffer in a world where some of the people i have to deal with aren't Catholic. even in a parish setting you can get relatively set up as a Catholic community - our local parish has electricians, plumbers, builders, mechanics, a baker or two - i think all we need is a butcher and some medics (we've got nurses though).
it's not that i think non-Catholics are incapable of those jobs, it's just that i don't trust anybody who is not a Catholic, and have no assurance that they have any form of conscience or morals, whereas you know that even if the unlikely situation arose where a Catholic were to do something bad to you, his conscience would eventually get to him about it.
Quote:it's just that i don't trust anybody who is not a Catholic
That is ridiculous! Our Lord found greater faith in a pagan than in all of Israel. Did He not use a heretic/schismatic as an example for Himself and a model of charity? My Muslim boss was more honest and fair than one of Catholic co-workers. There are plenty of Trads I don't trust!

The Catholic Faith is Divine and necessary for salvation, but natural law, which includes honesty and integrity, are found in ALL men.

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