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Didi I pay the states extortion price ie  taxes because I am forced by the state to pay this extortion whcih is called tax.
Besides that I choose and have the choice to keep my hard earned loot in catholic hands.
Would CHRIST want u to be foolishly giving loot to those who hate him? Or to those who live a dispicable lifestyle?
Don't give me that give unto ceaser mis qoute were talking about u not caring who or where your loot goes once it leaves your hands.
Big difference.
Oh so if someone coerces you, it's ok then?
This is about choice. Not about one is forcing u to shop at mohamadan shops. U choose to do so.  I have a choice whether to go into a  shop or another. Its a choice. If I choose to support evil or false religions then its wrong.
U can't see the difference between choosing to support false religions or immoral lifestyle and the state extorting loot from u?
An example I don't shop where porn mags are sold. I choose to go a kilomiter to the west so I can shop at a store owned by a catholic that doesn't sell porn.
Can u glimpse a little of my point now
Or do u still not get it
My buying milk at the local convenience store does not support Islam, even though the owners are Palestinian Muslims. It only supports a man who, like my parents, has seven children he needs to feed.

If they have a product that offends your Catholic sensibilites than I would not critcise your choosing to go to a different store...(personally I don't have a choice as every convenience and grocery store sells some kind of porn or contraceptive)

But your points keep changing which makes adressing them next to impossible. First you were arguing making Catholics richer so we can take over like the Jews, then I'm an idiot because I support 'Christ-hating Mohammedans' by buying products from them and now purchasing products from anyone who isn't Catholic is supporting a false religion despite the fact that you do it with your taxes(the government can't force you to do anything, really...if you this is that important to you you would be living in the woods waiting for them to martyr you)
Well u see didi I always had more then one point. So pls rather then assume I only had one point read my post and address them all. It comes down to this
If u feel just fine with your choice in shoping at a mohamadan shop then by all means do it. if u feel just fine buying prodects from unrpentant sodomites then do it. its about u and looking in the mirror. I choose to keep my loot in catholic hands I've been doing it for a long time and I won't stop just because t offends your muticulturalist sensablities.
It doesn't "offend my multicultural sensibilites" Why must you assume that if someone disagrees with you on something they are some kind of liberal/progressivist? There is nothing that vouches for mutilculturalism in any of my posts. So why don't you read my posts before commenting?
Your posts are dripping with multicultural trash
No secret here
Show me where.
The mere fact u argue that's there is no plm giving your loot to mohamadan CHRIST haters shoqws it more then anything
This just show what an idiot you are.

Islam is NOT a culture!

Nowhere did I ever advocate Islam

Muslims do not hate Christ: they just have a very, very bad idea of Who He is.

You are simply bothered by the fact that I don't with your argument that we should ONLY do buisness with Catholics.

Now you're tired so you respond in the way of a child: lash out with insults and false accusations.

Thanks for being a grownup here.

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