Please tell me what you think of this quote:
It smelled like Jansenism or Albegensianism.  However, it appears to be a Calvinist.  However, he speaks like a modernist:
Quote: "Medical treatment has failed and a child is dying.  Religious parents pray, 'O God, let her live'.  What does this amount to?

Modernists always ask the dumb question.  Answer: It amounts to the parents asking God to save their child.  Besides that, it amounts to you being an idiot for asking a dumb question.
This person making the quote is obviously a Calvinist.  This gets back to what I harp on.  I think Calvinists are easier to convert.  Why did this fellow make this quote?  It is because he knows real life does not match his theory.  The parents WILL pray to God, and they WILL ask God to save their child.  However, a true Calvinist should not do that. 

At the same time, the Calvinist has his Bible verses on predestination.  So he is caught in a pickle.

The Catholic Church has the Good News and solves his dilemma.  Yes, there is predestination. Yes, we are justified by Grace, Yes the world unfolds according to God's sovereign plan.  No, God is not Moloch.  No, we are not robots, we have Free Will.  No, God is not deaf to our cries, He is a loving Father who hears our prayers.

Again, if you are in conversation with Calvinists, study the Council of Orange and present it to them.  This is the predestination side and establishes your credentials as believing in predestination.  Second, present the Molinist argument on predestination, which is summarized in wikipedia under Molinism.  This shows how free will can exist in a system of predestination.  Third, learn the bible quotes for both predestination AND free will.  Present both, and show how the Catholic system agrees with both.  And since you CAN have free will in a system of election, then it is logical that the sinner freely chooses to reject God.

A quick note, I am not a Molinist, but consider these points:
1.  A Catholic is allowed to be a Molinist.
2.  It is simple and easy to deploy the Molinist arguments when debating Calvinists.
Wow, thanks very much James.  I will be looking at your suggestions here.

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