CDC wants to circumcise all boys
I can just see Obama officials chasing after guys with scalpals...
(08-24-2009, 02:00 PM)Felicitas Wrote: Whoops, sorry, Quis. I didn't even think of looking in the Health forum first.  :-[

No worries - that's what the "Merge Thread" command I have is for. :)
Yet another reason for me to dislike the procedure.
(08-24-2009, 04:41 PM)Satori Wrote: Yet another reason for me to dislike the procedure.

I do find such discussions disturbing. No matter one's views, active discussions about taking a knife to a sensitive part of the body will make the best of men cringe.

EDIT: Posted only for the circumcision bit. I always skip comedic acts which involve Jesus and other facets of dogma.

Condoms, birth control, abortion, now this? STDs, including HIV, are entirely preventable through the sort of moral behavior that was once expected. (I will entirely ignore the "Muslim" dynamic, as I doubt Obama had anything to do personally with this report.)

It is a grievous insult to moral men to subject them as children to the risk of a surgical procedure, with the assumption they will be profligate womanizers or homosexuals. It is roughly analogous to the HPV vaccine, and the insistence that moral young women be given mandatory shots, subjecting them to the chance of averse reactions including death, on the assumption they will be reduced to harlots.

Science may develop vaccines for all range of diseases, even instant over-the-counter cures for HIV, so that we may all sin freely, and perhaps even make our genitalia completely immune to all disease, adding an on/off switch for fertility, but it will offer no cure for spiritual disease! How preferable it is to rot totally in all our members than to fall into sin! And marvel at how much we labor, to apply salves and devise treatments to the carnal consequences of sin, yet do nothing to overcome our carnality.
Leave our penises alone!!!  >:(
Is this proof that the Gov'ts in league with their "Jewish masters?"
(08-26-2009, 07:39 PM)DarkKnight Wrote: Is this proof that the Gov'ts in league with their "Jewish masters?"

I have a friend who believes this, if in less inflamed terms.
(08-26-2009, 05:20 PM)AntoniusMaximus Wrote: Leave our penises alone!!!  >:(

My thoughts exactly.
Leave our sons' penises alone!! I don't have a son yet, but if I ever do, dang it if I'll let someone go carving on him without a good reason.

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