The Kennedy funeral - Opportunity or capitulation of the Catholic Church.......
He was a very PUBLIC sinner and arguably he was excommunicated.  Even if he did repent on his death bed, he should be denied a Catholic funeral because he did not repent in PUBLIC.  Thus such a funeral is scandalous.
Alaric, spot on, friend.

Yes, it is true that we are not going to be made aware of what the last state of this man's soul was. However, public scandal and public defiance of the Church's teachings necessitates public repentance. This has not occurred (and will now never occur) and for some in the Church to grant this man the full privileges of a Catholic in good-standing is indeed scandalous and will be interpreted by every lukewarm Catholic (i.e. 90%) as public approval/indifference of Kennedy's disobedience.

The very fact that the Obamination has been requested to deliver the eulogy during the Mass (which even goes against the GIRM for the NO) certainly shows what little regard these prelates have for what is proper and right in the sight of our Lord and His Church.

In Corde Regis,
Joshua Smith

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