Choosing Thomas
I do believe this is an amazing video to watch
I am speechless.
I am crying. This old man's heart breaks toooo easily, now. I prayed he was baptized throughout the video. We just do not understand God's Ways do we. Thomas' parents were courageous and virtuous.
So sad.  But what powerful witnesses these parents are to the dignity and value of every human being!
This was a VERY touching video. Thanks for posting it. But, all sentimentality aside, I fear that this baby was not baptized. Why? Towards the end of the video, at Thomas' funeral, the parents were singing a very common protestant hymn ("Jesus Loves Me") with other attendees. Thomas was only a few days old, and while some Protestant sects allow infant baptisms, I do not know if they do them as early as the Catholic Church typically would. My mom was raised a Methodist and was baptized at six months of age.
Now that I got my breath back... that video was one of the most moving I've seen. It was very hard to watch, but well worth it. The final words of the mother were the most powerful (paraphrasing); that they didn't choose life because they thought Thomas might survive. They chose Thomas because he was their son.

Ooo.. let me wipe my eyes.

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