Woman with 6 or more kids, need your opinion!
I know how you feel as my wife works so all the chidren now come to me.Its so difficult when you are in a public place.I have a very quick temper and a very loud voice.When I shout at Maxi if he is near the road,the looks on people's faces show that I am nearly killing him when I am trying to save his life![Image: max1stcommunion.jpg]This is our 5 year old little darling who had over 50 people woried when he climbed 50 feet up a tree.I am so used to it I helped him climb to 65 feet before I told him to stop.This picture was taken just after he made his 1st Holy Communion.All 4 older brothers & sister also made their 1st Holy Communion aged 5/just 6.
What a cutie! Just wanna pinch those cheeks!
:laughing:The Poor Clare Sisters in Wales,UK say he looks like an apple and they want to eat him! :crazy:

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