Daughter Pregnant - Should she get H1N1 shot?
Good advice, verenaerin. I really have no idea what's best for pregnant women, but from personal experience I will always get a flu shot. I didn't before and then one year I found out I was pregnant in February. Soon my oldest came home with a particularly nasty flu, my other two sons quickly came down with it, and I got it, too. It was horrible. Fevers of 105, pneumonia, absolutely awful. Then I started spotting. Then I started bleeding heavily. The doctor said that flu is hard on fetuses and pregnant women (he might have been full of youknowwhat, I don't know) and to go home and rest, the pregnancy had terminated. Luckily, the bleeding stopped, at least for a while, and the pregnancy continued. We had another scare a few weeks later, but the baby held on and now her middle name is Faith. I don't know how safe flu vaccinations are for pregnant women, but I would research it before saying no.

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