Daughter Pregnant - Should she get H1N1 shot?
(09-14-2009, 06:34 PM)cathkath Wrote: Precious daughter is newly pregnant (six weeks)--first grandbaby. She is tiny, has thyroid issues, and has never had the flu. Neither have I, for that matter. I don't trust our beloved government and their health proclamations any farther than I can throw their sorry bottoms. The new guidelines suggest that because she is pregnant she ought to be first in line for the new flu vaccine. What to do? My late father was an MD. He died in 1988. He always told me that flu shots were worthless for most people. I've never taken one, and I don't get the flu. But it is no longer 1988. Is his advice still valid?

My daughter and her husband have asked me what I think. I'm a school teacher, and I don't think I'll get the vaccine. Neither will my husband, but he doesn't work around children, so it's less of an issue for him, presumably. I don't want my daughter to end up with Guillian-Barre syndrome--or something worse. Nor, obviously, do I want the baby to be born with any medical problems. What do y'all think? Any informed opinions?

Thanks for your enlightened insights!  :)

My concern would be that she never had the regular flu. So she would get a hyper sensitive reaction to H1N1 if she caught it, making it worse for her. Also statistically its pregnant woman who are having the most difficult time with this flu and it has caused death. Im afraid of getting it myself but its all over the news how dangerous it would be for a pregnant woman to catch this flu

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