Christmas Depression.
       It might be a good idea to pray at this time for all those who become depressed at this time of year. Some become sad because of past event which occured at this time of year. A time when they seem so much on the outside becuase of the happiness of others. Others become sad because the day one looks forward to, Christmas, does not measue up to what the actual reality ended up being. Truth is, besides the actual birth if Christ, the first Christmas was not a little trying on Mary and Joesph. Anyway, please pray for thoes depressed at this time of year.
[Image: prayer.gif]  Agreed.  I used to have a problem with this some years ago.  It was quite serious and felt very real.

May everybody see the true blessings of the season.


Good idea Credo! Satan always intensifies his activities during holy days, it's always good to be on guard. [Image: prayer.gif]

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