Here come the Hula girls Fr. Damian to be canonized.

Thirty hula dancers are preparing to leave for Vatican city to give a once in a lifetime performance for the canonization ceremony of Fr. Damian. Leimemei Ho got the message in march to prepare for the performance of your lifetime. 30 members of Ho's hula group are getting ready to show their moves off at the Vatican. The mele(I'm guessing this is their pagan dance) I chose are spiritual and one is telling us we need to have peace in the world Ho said.
  The canonization ceremony is a Mass. In the past any form of dance was forbidden in the celebration. But today the Vatican is more sensitive(gay and balless) when it comes to cultural expression allowing what is refered to as liturgical hand movements(I got a hand movement for ya middle finger up). It is unkown whether they will dance during Mass but they are scheduled to shake their cute little leaf covered booty's before or after the Mass.

Ah yes our Beloved Catholic Church what a sick mess. I am sure soon to be St Damian would approve of this.

No problem here folks we have a conservative Pope now nothing to see here move along.

We see Hula dance, liturgical dance and Sufi dance in Rome but there is no place for the Mass that Fr. Damian celebrated.
On the bright side at least Hula girls are hot!!

(note) Obviously the artical doesnt say cute little leaf covered booty's thats me but the are scheduled to perform before or after Mass for sure if not during Mass.
I'm posting mean Mark Eitzel, because this thread could get ugly.


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