Hell exists and we might go there!


Here are excerpts from this good article:

by Father Marcel Nault

[Father Marcel Nault, 1927 - 1997. On Easter Sunday, March 30,1997 at
12:00 noon, Father Marcel Nault was called from this earthly life unto
the God whom he had loved and. served with zealous devotion. Born on
March 3, 1927 in Montreal Quebec, his was a relatively late vocation. He
was ordained to the diocesan priesthood on March 4, 1962 the day after
his 35th birthday.]

The following is a speech given by Father Marcel Nault to the World
Catholic Bishops Fatima Peace Conference in Fatima, Portugal in 1992.
This speech made such an impact that after this Conference, several
Bishops asked Father Nault to hear their confessions.

Our Lord Jesus Christ came on earth for one reason, to save souls from
Hell. Teaching the reality of Hell is the most important and unavoidable
duty of the Holy Catholic Church.

One of the greatest Fathers of the Church, St. John Chrysostom,
continually taught that Our Lord Jesus Christ preached more often on
Hell than on Heaven.

Some people say it is better to preach on Heaven. I disagree. Preaching
on Hell produces many more true and strong conversions than only
preaching on Heaven. St. Benedict, the founder of the Benedictines,
while he was in Rome was told by the Holy Ghost: "You are going to lose
your soul in Rome and go to Hell." He left Rome and he went into the
silence and solitude outside the city to meditate on the life of Jesus
and the Holy Gospels. St Benedict ran away from those numerous occasions
of sin of pagan Rome. He prayed. He made sacrifices for himself and
sinners. The Holy Ghost spread the word of his holiness.

As a result, people came to see, hear and follow St Benedict's example
and advice. He separated himself from occasions of sin and became holy.
Holiness attracts souls. Why do you think St. Augustine changed his
life? Because of the fear of Hell! I preach often on the tragic reality
of Hell. It is a Catholic Dogma priests and bishops do not preach

Pope Pius IX, who pronounced the two dogmas of Papal Infallibility and
the Immaculate Conception, and who also issued his famous Syllabus
condemn-ing the errors and heresies of the modem world, used to ask
preachers to preach more often on the Four Last Things, especially on
Hell, as he himself did preach. He asked this because the thought of
Hell makes saints.

The Saints Feared Hell

Here is something very curious, saints are afraid to go into Hell but
sinners are not afraid. Saint Francis de Sales, Saint Alphonsus Liguori,
Saint cure of Ars, St. Therese of Avila, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus
were all afraid to go to Hell.

Saint Simon Stock the Superior General of the Carmel, knew that his
monks were afraid to go to Hell. His monks were fasting and making
prayer. They were living in seclusion, cut off from the dangerous world
dominated by Satan. Still they were afraid of going to Hell.

In 1251, Our Lady of Mount Caramel appeared in Aylesford, England to
Saint Simon Stock. She said, "Do not be afraid anymore, I am giving you
a special vestment; all those who will die wearing this vestment will
not go to Hell." I wear my Brown Scapular under my vestments and I have
another one in my pocket because I never know when people will ask me to
preach on Hell or the Brown Scapular.

Mary said to the Dominican priest, Blessed Alan de 1a Roche, "I will
come and save the world through My Rosary and My Scapular." One cannot
specialize in everything and preach on everything; one must make a
choice. I believe that it is the will of Our Lord Jesus that I preach on

A Monsignor, my superior at that time, once told me: you preach too
often on Hell and you scare people". He added: "Marcel, I have never
preached on Hell, people don't like it. You scare them." In a very
friendly way, the Monsignor told me in his own office: "Marcel, I have
never preached on Hell and I never will preach on Hell, and look at the
nice and prestigious position I hold." I kept a long silence, then I
looked him in the eyes. "Monsignor," I said, "you are on the road to
Hell for all eternity. Monsignor, you preach to please men, instead of
preaching to please Christ and save souls from Hell. Monsignor, it is a
mortal sin of omission to refuse to preach the Catholic Dogma of Hell. "

When God sent Prophets in the Old Testament it was to remind men to come
back to the truth, to come back to holiness. Jesus came, preached and
sent His Apostles in the world to preach the Holy Gospels. The Serpent
came and spread his poison through heresies, so the Lord Jesus sent His
Beloved Mother, the Queen of Prophets: "Go on earth and destroy
heresies." The Fathers of the Church have written that the Mother of God
is the hammer of heresies. If you take the time to study with great
attention the Message of Our Lady of Fatima, you will notice it is a
most tragic and profound message repeating the teaching of the Holy

The Lessons Taught at Fatima
The summary of the Message of Fatima is, Hell exists. Hell is eternal
and we will all go into Hell if we die in the state of mortal sin. "What
does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul?"

Our Lady has come and told us that we can be saved through Her two
divine sacramentals of predestination, the Holy Rosary and the Brown
Scapular. There is also special emphasis on Devotion to the Immaculate
Heart of Mary and Devotion of the Five First Saturdays.

read the rest at http://www.holysouls.com/hellexists.htm
Yeah that's what brought me to my knees and conversion. The thought of hell. I wish I could say it was for sheer love of God but it wasn't. It was fear of hell. Later on I learned to love Him. But still I don't love Him enough. I need to love God more than I do.
"Not only are we all in the same boat, but we are all seasick.” --G.K. Chesterton
The priests are very reluctant to speak about Hell.
They are afraid to look old fashioned and they don't want to scare the faithfuls.
Even this morning at mass, our parish priest, who is a holy and pious man, spoke about Hell as "eternal downfall".
Is Hell a "downfall" only? Ithink it is far worse.
I think about the hell as a place where everyone can do what he wants: napalm other people, bomb other people, hunt them like animals, let them starving, close their water sources etc., etc.

The only rub is, that time to time the roles are changing, those who used napalm are napalmed, those who bombed others are bombed down, hunters became hunted ones, those who denied the food and water will be hungry and thirsty. Then it turn again, and again and again.

The torment does not comes from God: God is good. The inhabitants of the hell make the hell for each other.

There could be everything available like here in the earth, except the peace, understanding, love. God is not there.

SO to avoid the hell give up the earthly things: power, greed, lust; search God and the kingdom of heaven.
Yikes! Thank you for posting that.

I just got back from Mass and Confession - thank goodness!

The part about the saints fearing Hell made me think of the part in Dies Irae:
O what shall I, so guilty plead?
And who for me will intercede?
When even Saints shall comfort need?

Here's a really sobering Sermon on Hell:
Define "might".  While might is anywhere between 0.01% and 99.9% chance this statement is useless.

Unfortunately the full range of opinions on what "might" means exists in the Church today.
(09-30-2009, 04:33 PM)ggreg Wrote: Define "might".  While might is anywhere between 0.01% and 99.9% chance this statement is useless.

Unfortunately the full range of opinions on what "might" means exists in the Church today.

If a person has unconfessed mortal sin on their soul at the hour of death, and they aren't perfectly sorry for the mortal sin/s, then hell awaits this person. This is why it's so important to go to Confession often.
"Not only are we all in the same boat, but we are all seasick.” --G.K. Chesterton
(09-30-2009, 04:33 PM)ggreg Wrote: Unfortunately the full range of opinions on what "might" means exists in the Church today.
Honestly, I find this fortunate in some way. If I knew it was 99.9 I would be tempted to despair, if I knew it was .01 I would be tempted to presumption, and if I knew it was a fixed number I would be tempted to try and exclude others so they wouldn't take "my spot." Not knowing gives me both the urgency and hope to work hard to get myself saved and anyone else I can too.
Don't read or watch anything from the Dimond brothers Holy Family Monastery EXCEPT for "Death and the Journey into hell" which is an outstanding video on hell.
http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/w...eos_4.html This video was a powerful motivator for me to convert to catholicism

Also this video from an evangelical who had a vision of hell which is also extremely enlightening and terrifying.
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One very inciteful comment Bill makes is that most people spend hours and hours planning out their holiday to ensure they get great accomodation but when it comes to planning out their accomodation for all eternity they rarely spend a though.

Personally I have NEVER heard a sermon or homily on hell. If it were not for these materials on the Internet I would not know about how bad it really is.
since when is Mt Sinai in Saudi Arabia? i stopped watching when that came up.

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