Monsignors who refer to themselves as "Father"
(09-28-2009, 04:12 PM)The_Harlequin_King Wrote: I respectfully disagree with the Magister that a priest should not be referred to by his given name, IF he introduces himself that way. If it's a formal Christian name ("John", not "Jack"; "James", not "Jimmy"), it's as good as any other. After all, for most of the Church's history, priests (or anyone else) didn't use last names.
As is still the case in Iceland! Though I suppose you can use their patrinimic (sp) as a last name but it is a lost cause.

Off topic but in Iceland because of their modern corrupted culture nobody marries which causes a huge amount of identity problems because many have no idea who their dad is

"Jóhan Jóhannsson? Is your dad the Jóhan on fourth and main street?"

"Don't know, those i know of my mom has had 3 boyfriends named Jóhan Jóhannsson, and her name is Jóhanna Jóhannsdóttir"

(09-28-2009, 04:12 PM)The_Harlequin_King Wrote: (I think there is especially an inconsistency when a secular journalist refers to a priest in a neutral or unflattering news article as "Father so-and-so", instead of "the Reverend".)

Such journalists are wantonly disregarding sacred writ (i.e. Associated Press style).
The Associated Press Stylebook Wrote:MINISTERS AND PRIESTS:
Use the Rev. before a name on first reference.
Substitute Monsignor before the name of a Roman Catholic priest who has received this honor.
Do not routinely use curate, father, pastor and similiar words before an individual's name. If they appear before a name in a quotation, capitalize them.

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