OK sippers...what do you sip?
Vodka tonics.  Krupnik.  Fernet Branca on the rocks.
Bourbon & ginger.  Rarely, because I'm too lazy to mix 'em, bourbon Manhattans.

In summertime, Limoncello....gotta keep it in the freezer, though...if you haven't tried this, you are missing out.
(10-01-2009, 02:57 PM)libby Wrote: I wonder if I can water the plants with it?
instant tinctures!

Or tipsy plants... .

[Image: tipsy+pot+09.jpg]
(10-01-2009, 06:47 PM)DesperatelySeeking Wrote: In summertime, Limoncello....gotta keep it in the freezer, though...if you haven't tried this, you are missing out.

Real, homemade limoncello? Yummy! :)
libby, you're not alone in disliking scotch. the irish invented whiskey, and imo are still the only ones who know how to do it right lol.
old bushmills is one i forgot to mention before. a nice tasting 10 year, and its dirt cheap as well. probably cos its made in N. Ireland or something lol.
Being in Deutschland...

Beck's. Cheap and relatively tasty. Erdinger makes a good Hefeweizen too. (And then there's Bananweizen! YUM! But you have to mix the banana nectar and the Weizen yourself... the pre-mixed stuff in the bottle just isn't as good.)

I usually keep a bottle of white wine in the house--dry Riesling is nice. Reds are always good as well, but I tend to eat a lot of chicken and the whites just match better.

If I order a shot I usually go with tequila.

Dessert liqueurs are nice too. I recently had some homemade peach liqueur that was super aromatic, but not *too* sweet. Krupnik and cognac. I only drink these when other people offer them to me and I don't have to pay.  :laughing:

I'm settled in my ways. I drink Millers High Life and three fingers of Tullmore, or Bushmills, or Paddy's, or Powers.  in about that order. I don't care fro Black Bush as it is too expensive and Paddy's is reallly hit or miss as it is illegal here in Chicago. Having been 'round this rodeo before I can find paddy's as well as stinger missiles here in my neighborhood. I don't mind Guiness or Smithwickes or Bass or Harp but Miller is $2.75 and those are 'round $5.00 plus or minus a $1.00 so Miller it is. The whiskies are ;round $5.50 per shot. Ex[ensive hobby.
Tequlia is definitely a fave for shots! My DH and I drank so much of tha stuff, a couple years ago....until i got preggo, of course! Also, anyone like Jagr Bombs? Thats a good one.
hubby- depends on what the checkbook says. Sometimes Shiner (anything but Bock), sometimes Blue Moon, maybe Pilsner Urquell....maybe another pilsner or a belgian wheat. he enjoys good red wine. whatever we can find on sale at Costco :D
me-not a big drinker. only drank beer in college. I like Rieslings and really expensive reds. The only reds I've ever enjoyed were $40/bottle. You basic Rosemounts and Yellowtails give me the shudders. I love the eternal girly drink....margaritas. Only with good tequila. I've learned the hard way that crappy tequila just ruins a margarita. Of course, my favorite tequila isn't sold in the US and dh only goes to mexico once a year.
&^$! your Coke and screw your pizza, just give me my Slivovica!

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