Anyone used the new e-cigarettes?
(10-06-2009, 11:06 PM)StrictCatholicGirl Wrote: Newtolatin: I'm going to humiliate myself by showing my ignorance now.. but, oh well, it won't be the first time. How does the cigarette work? Is it really electric? I mean, do you plug it in? Does it take a battery? They don't burn down, right? You buy only one cigarette and that's it, right? How much does it cost?

- Lisa 

OK, this is how it works: It looks like a slightly over-sized cigarette. The white part is the battery--you unscrew it and then screw it into the charger (my kit came with two so I can charge one and smoke the other).

The "filter" is two parts: the part that screws into the battery is the vaporizer, the part that fits over it has a little sponge holding the liquid that gets vaporized. The liquid is propylene glycol and nicotine.

The outer filter part needs to be replaced or refreshed about every 15 cigarettes' worth of smoking according to my directions. You can either buy more cartridges or buy some liquid to put in your old cartridges.

It is much heavier than a cigarette and also balances differently and is smooth, so it's a little different holding it.

And there is a light at the "lit" end which glows red when the vaporizer is working. It also signals when it is fully engaged with the charger and if you puff too much and when the battery charge is low.

And you can exhale the vapor so it looks like smoke.

I got mine on an introductory sale at a gas station in the next town over. The sale price was $50 for the initial set-up (2 battery parts, one vaporizer, and 5 cartridges); the regular price I have seen is $80 but they said that the $50 would save you $20, so I'm a little confused about that. The cartridges cost $20 for a pack of 10, each of which counts as 15+ cigarettes, so for those who are smoking brand-name cigarettes, this is a considerable savings. I've been smoking an off-brand, so it works out about the same for me, but the elimination of the actual smoke is enough to totally make it worthwhile :)

Also, you can buy the liquid instead. This costs $30, but they say it will provide the equivalent of 3 cartons' worth of cigarettes, so that is a considerable savings :)

Changing over to it is about like changing brands of cigarettes. It is somewhat different, tho, because there never comes a point at which you finish a cigarette, so sometimes I just puff and wait a while, puff and wait.  This may be a good thing...

If you run a search for e-cigarette, you can find lots of info. There are even a couple of Youtubes about them!

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