Anyone used the new e-cigarettes?
I've been tobacco-free since last April, all due to the e-cig. Haven't felt the slightest desire for a real cigarette. Most of the time I use the dse-901 model, which is my favorite, but I also have the dse-801 pen style and the Joye 510 models as well. I also purchased a usb passthrough for each model so I can vape away without having to worry about the battery dying. If you haven't yet, newtolatin, you should try "dripping." I drip three drops of e-juice right onto the atomizer (instead of into the fabric in the cartidge) and the hit quality improves dramatically.

I buy my supplies from this place:

They are much cheaper than the outlets in the states. You can get a dse-901 starter kit (which includes 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, charger, and cartridges) for $25. And their e-liquid costs about $9 for 30ml. One 30ML bottle of e-juice usually lasts me a month, and I vape a lot. That gas station overcharged you big time. There are some rip-off artists floating around and you have to know which suppliers to buy from.

This is a place in the states I order from (but their juice is no good):

An investment of $40-50 will buy me enough supplies to last a month, which is considerably cheaper than smoking cigarettes, and not much more expensive than RYO. Within a couple weeks of vaping my skin looked better than it had in years, stopped coughing and hacking, and stopped stinking up my clothes and my abode. I would encourage anyone that is a smoker to try out the dse-901 model.


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