Christopher West Thanks and Responds to his critics
(10-23-2009, 11:48 AM)formerdatt Wrote: Gerard: Can you recommend something pithy from Bishop Sheen on this matter? I am stuck with a version of his (West) work in my 8th grade CCD class. It is even titled "Theology of the Body". I find it disingenious at best and use it little as possible.

There is a series of lectures by Bishop Sheen that I got from  I found that he did a good job giving lectures to students in the series "Family Retreat"  I think there is a lecture called "Youth and Sex" and it's Bishop Sheen at his best.  Supplemented with other talks like Marriage as a Sacrament and Marriage Problems and you can get a first class Catholic education on how to approach these issues in conformity with any of the classic catechisms.  His book "Peace of the Soul" also has a good chapter on the subject.

When I actually attended a parish TOB course just out of curiosity, I noted that the guy presenting the course kept supplementing it with Bishop Sheen quotes from the same lectures and his "Three to Get Married" book.  The fascinating thing is that from week to week people would remember the Sheen quotes and couldn't begin to remember the JPII quotes that were considered so important. 


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