Christopher West Thanks and Responds to his critics
(10-24-2009, 02:55 AM)iggyting Wrote: The TOB of JP II is certainly not bunk. It provides a deeper account of sex and morality for Christians and a counter-reason to the world's obsession of sexual freedom. To preach Christian sexuality as a virtue in holy matrimony and a sacred sacrament has always a place in the Christian vacation (as in Bishop Sheen's or other saintly writings). To recognize sex as a God-given human passion to be enjoyed and exercised responsibly as God intended is where the TOB sets new grounds. To perceive that this Christian sexuality is an exchange of a love-gift between a couple, and is meant to be joyful, in its material and spiritual contents, is to return to God's original intention of this holy matrimony. This is what the TOB speaks of.

The problem with TOB rests with the problem of its author concerning evolution.  All indicators point to JPII believing in evolution. 
TOB presents the physical acts of human sexuality as it is known today as the way God intended and not the far different experience than the relations that Adam and Eve would have had prior to the Fall. 

To try and retrieve the actual experience of "original innocence" is a completely unattainable goal.  (There is an air of pride in this as well, like people wanting psychic abilities when those capabilities were probably shut off by the Fall as well. Bishop Sheen called them "the gifts" that were given freely to Adam and Eve by God in addition to their immortality and human perfections.)

TOB falls on the point that it believes psychological attitudes and reframing will somehow change the nature of relations and not accept the reality of Fallen Nature both inside and outside the person. (Ie. the physical world is not the way God originally built it.)  In essence what I'm saying is that  if St. Adam and Eve were to stand among us for a day and read TOB, they would probably laugh at how off the mark JPII was about original innocence and the realities of  pre-Fall relations.

What I've noticed missing from TOB is reality.  It's all based on feelings originating in lust and with profound sounding "thanks" to God and offering sacrifices as "gifts".    What is missing is understanding, compassion, tenderness, a sense of humor, a willingness to take things in stride and share a life together not "sharing gifts" of one another.    It sounds laughable especially to immodestly trumpet that kind of high-falutin'  out loud without respect to the sacredness of what is going on.  In many ways it's like a "reverent" Novus Ordo.  It doesn't give off a hint that it's aware of how incomplete it is.   

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