Christopher West Thanks and Responds to his critics
(10-28-2009, 12:14 AM)iggyting Wrote: The TOB of JP II is a theology of "the Incarnation". God took flesh; God coming in the form of a body. The material body is more than a created object. It is being 'divined'. The profundity of the TOB is just being explored and could plumb greater depth. . Sex is just an aspect, an important one, of how two bodies relate with each other, as God intended in the beginning. The TOB could be JP II's greatest contribution to the 21st Century Catholic thoughts.

I honestly don't believe JPII to be profound in the slightest way.  I find him to be severely misguided and he spent a lot of time and mental energy running down a blind alley.  The problem with that take on TOB is that it runs along the lines of Karl Rahner's Supernatural Existential which leads to his "anonymous Christianity" claptrap.    It also bears the influence of Darwin and consequently Tielhard de Chardin.  The simple fact is, two bodies cannot relate with each other as God intended in the beginning because of our Fallen Nature and concupiscence coming out of Original Sin. 

JPII thinks early man looked like this:

[Image: lgearlyman2.jpg]

Whereas Adam probably looked more like this:

[Image: billy_crudup_as_dr_manhattan_and_jeffrey...550922.jpg]

The second image while taken from "the Watchmen" movie corresponds pretty well to what people like Bishop Sheen,  Fr. Malachi Martin and others have espoused as the traditional understanding of the superiority of our first parents.  As the Scriptures attest, Man was made "a little less than the Angels."   

The profound gulf in perspective between the traditional and correct view of Adam and Eve vs. JPII"s bias towards Darwinism creates lasting effects on how we view ourselves in the here and now.  Are we a pinnacle of the evolutionary process? Or are we creatures with a fallen nature trying to implore grace from Our Savior to restore us one day to what we were and what we were meant to be in sharing a part of His Divinity in adoration of Him?

Needless to say, when comparing the traditional view of the first man and the prototype of Man with TOB's perspective,  I'm underwhelmed when reading JPII's rhapsodic reflections on Man. 


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