Christopher West Thanks and Responds to his critics
One aspect of theology is the philosophical meditation on the state of man in relation to God. In this respect, the TOB proposes the three stages in the anthropological development of man, as the 'original man', the 'historical man' and the 'eschatological man'. Adam, as the 'original man' before the Fall, was the apex of corporeal creation, in a state of innocence. If he has not fallen, he would remain a 'little below the angel'. Nevertheless, it was 'not good', as God said in Genesis. The proper destiny and glory of man is the 'eschatological man' of whom Jesus Christ is the model of all of creation, the alpha and the omega - above the angels. Adam may be the magnificent being before the Fall. But, this is devotional postulation of the 'historical man' to whom we all belonged after the Fall. As I said, theology is a philosophical meditation of us, the fallen man, the 'historical man'. My 2-cents worth.

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