Christopher West Thanks and Responds to his critics
Didn't God say that it was "not good" in reference to Adam being alone and not his corporeal perfection?

By saying Jesus is the model of all Creation, I'm reminded of Tielhard's "Omega Point" in which Jesus is for all intents and purposes, the most highly evolved of us and not really a separate fully man, fully God being part of the Trinity with us as  a separate thing, a Creation. 

JPII's Darwinistic approach blurs the clear distinction between Creator and Creature and makes Christ's share in our humanity and His sharing with us His Divinity a bit too fuzzy.  It could easily be read as a deification of Man.  Which is exactly what the Serpent told Eve to tempt her to eat the fruit. 

If anything JPII's vision of our Fallen Nature is "only slightly fallen" and only on a psychological plain it seems from his approach.  If we say a prayer and work hard, we are back in paradise and we should give God's grace the credit.   And it's my own personal suspicion that JPII just viewed all of this as an emotional and psychological framework that effects some "spiritual transformation" with no concrete perceptible differences in the 3 dimensional Universe we inhabit except in our attitudes.   

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