30 Tonsured for the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter
Cool!  One of those guys is from my chapel.    :pray:
Good news.
This is indeed wonderful. This was my class before I had to leave temporarily for family reasons. All of these men are magnificent Catholics who will serve the Church and her traditions zealously and faithfully. I look forward to seeing them soon.

May God bless them all.

In Corde Regis,
One of the tonsured is a good friend of mine that helped me to become Catholic. I shall drink to this assuredly.
Very happy to see that the FSSP is NOT having a Vocations crisis. I remember that prior to 1968, the NY Archdiocese had ordination classes of 25 and more every May.
This past Saturday, the Diocese of Venice here in Florida ordained just 3 new priests.
University students, although they were not ordained, received tonsure in the middle ages and were thus conveniently outside the reach of civil courts as members of the clergy. Talk about "town and gown" issues!
I was on my walk saying my rosary today.  I couldn't help think about I would feel if I had a son enter into a religious order.  I have to say that it really got me chocked up.  I have a hard time looking at these pictures without blubbering. 
God Bless all of them
I used to attend clandestine private TLMs said by local diocesan priests with Danny Heenan (one of the tonsurati).  I was a cleric and he was a layman then.  Looks like our roles have reversed!  He's a solid fellow.  He'll be in my prayers!

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