Larry David Urinates on Jesus Picture
(11-03-2009, 05:01 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: U clearly r not a catholic!!! How can a catholic find pissing on CHRIST funny?
I don't know what kind of faith u have but its not the catholic one.
How dare they!!!!!!
And u laugh at this outrage!!!!!
U better pray and get right with CHRIST.

"coward"? Where does that even come from? At least make sense if you're going to hurl insults.

I clearly am a Catholic, I receive the Sacraments (EF) I accept all of Church teaching and I embrace my Catholic identity. I love my Lord and Savior and I regularly defend the faith at my secular university. I am also a flawed human being with an imperfect humor, so some of you just need to relax.

Look people, I did find the episode funny and I am a faithful Catholic. If you find that hard to believe, watch the episode. Don't throw stones at me, especially when you haven't seen the episode or don't even know me.

Larry was peeing so hard that they played a hose sound effect, water was splashing everywhere even several feet out of the toilet. A single drop hit the picture and Larry was put into a ridiculous situation. It's funny because of how Larry handled the situation and what came out of it, not the fact that something accidentally hit a picture of Jesus.

I'm just repeating myself so I'll leave this thread. Some of you just need to lighten up a little, yesh.

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