Vatican condemns Hallowe'en as anti-Christian
We should not let our feasts and folklore become simply abandoned because others want to pervert them. If Hallowe'en is ours, it's ours. FE has a good article on how it can be used to remind our kids about the reality of hell and devils, and on the triumph of the saints. I say yay for All Hallows Eve, and scare the devil out of them. And Mr. Canals is not the Vatican or anyone of authority over me, so he can stuff it.

And Mr. Canals and OR should perhaps search for Vatican condemnations of pro-abortion US presidents, pro-homosexual US presidents, homosexuality in seminaries, rampant heresy etc., before picking on Hallowe'en. And yes, as Peter and Baskerville have said, fear, terror and death are for REAL. They exist for real people alive today as well as for the dead in hell. We are to face it and defeat it, like Christ on the white horse in the Apocalypse, not pretend everything is fine and dandy, for that would be . . . dandy.

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