Vatican condemns Hallowe'en as anti-Christian
No kidding...I see this crap and the espousal of Socialism from the same Vatican Machine...and some bozo here says amen...I'll be a real ass and unplug my doorbell....Classic.

Just like prots to misunderstand the things people do.

Sex, sex, sex, and you're going to Hell.

Don't dance,it's the Devil, and it might make you want to get it on.

Don't's the Devil...and you might want to get it on.

Don't do Halloween because you dress in goblin outfits which means you worship Devils and your kids will become Devil worshipers and then when older...they'll want to get it on....

Nuts...there is almost nothing that comes from that place that is worth listening to....

If the Vatican has never done this before...then we know it's bullshit.

Just because some Wiccans run around in their underwear...and some real scumbags use this as a perfect op for a Black Mass and a good time to drink goat piss and skin cats...does not mean good people should forget what it's all really about.

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