Vatican condemns Hallowe'en as anti-Christian
(10-30-2009, 02:43 PM)Tulkas Wrote: About time!   :boxers:

Reminds me, I got to disconnect the doorbell tonight.
How cruel!

Kids like me would throw our toothbrushes, candied apples and other crappy treats at houses like yours. We would even knock on the houses with no cars/no lights on, and we'd get some ticked off people opening the door. One lady gave us tonic water just because she was unprepared. Well that tonic water somehow found its way into a dent in her garage door. I mean tonic water? who gives that to a kid? Honestly.

Just warning yeah, kids get their vengence, and they are quick.

(10-30-2009, 07:30 PM)MeaMaximaCulpa Wrote: I think the most spiritual danger on Halloween comes from young people thinking its appropriate to wear less clothes than usual.  I'd be much more worried about that than from letting your kid throw a sheet on his head to get candy.
That certainly isn't a problem in Canada! Too many Halloweens would I spend getting dressed up only to have to wear a huge wintercoat over top the custume.

All of that aside I'll just say this... lighten up people, its just a bunch of kids having fun dressing up in order to get some free candy. It's a whole lot of harmless fun.

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