Vatican condemns Hallowe'en as anti-Christian
From a Holy Vatican I'd take this more seriously.  I can see there is a goulish element to Halloween, and outside of America it is a dumb secular import which adding nothing to British, European or Australian culture (and let's face it that is saying something).  The fact that UK, Europe and Australia have adopt this wholesale in the last 20 years does make me think it is a lot of crap we don't need.

But frankly more Europeans and Americans are so far removed from any knowledge of the faith that this is the wrong battle to fight.  It's like telling the Aztecs not to eat meat on Fridays while they are still slaughtering people and throwing their bleeding bodies off pyramids.

And from a Vatican that covers up for child abusers and rapists in the clergy I'd say "cast the beam out of your own eye first."

Most of Rome's clergy don't give a crap about people's souls.  And why should they, since they don't believe in Hell anyway.

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