Vatican condemns Hallowe'en as anti-Christian
(11-01-2009, 01:52 AM)Tulkas Wrote: Oh, and all of this "harmless" fun must not have seen what I knew Halloween to be growing up in Chicago.  After the harmless stage in childhood, when you got to be a teenager, it meant that you HAD to do vandalism and violence for the fun.  With eggs, shaving cream, spray paint, and bloody noses.  Even a poster here attest to it.  My gangbanger friends found it a great night to escalate their warfare.  Just crap it all is.  Wake up people.
Well yeah - that's part of the fun too! Although that mostly happens on devil's night and not Halloween. But that's all good fun too. Just don't get caught. .... and please, "gangbangers" don't do that kind of harmless vandalism, normal kids under peer pressure just doing some  mischief are the ones doing it and most of them know where to draw the line.

Lord knows I had a few good devil's nights. Oh misguided youth... Good times... good times...


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