Vatican condemns Hallowe'en as anti-Christian
(11-01-2009, 09:02 PM)Tulkas Wrote: Do you clean up the "harmless" vandalism afterwards, especially for the old that could not do it themselves.  It was always a horrible mess from what I remember.  
lol, I'm 21 now, I was doing this 10 years ago.
Quote:This vandalism is far from Catholic by the way.
Well duh,  it's not moral or upright by any means, Catholic or otherwise.
Quote:You did not ride with the Cicero, Illinois gangbangers like I did.  A crazy lot all of them.  So believe me.
I don't doubt that you did "ride" with them. But I live out in lillly white suburbia where we don't have gang problems and the vandalism isn't that serious although it does sometimes go out of hand. Instead it is just silliness like smashing pumpkings, rolling houses and other pranks - hardly gun tootin, crack slinging, gangbanging activities. Instead its done by otherwise good kids who just get caught up in peer pressure and just being a kid. It's annoying but hardly serious.
Quote:I have no fond memories of Halloween.  That is why when a SSPX priest said not to celebrate it, I had no qualms.  Fr. Stephan Dellalo wrote a good letter about why Catholics should not celebrate.
Ugh, you just sound like a grouch. The bottom line is that Halloween is hella fun for kids. What 10 year doesn't want to dress up, get tonnes of sugar and watch gory movies they knew they shouldn't be watching?

And there's no reason that a Catholic shouldn't celebrate, no one can seriously argue that its pagan. It's just about getting scared, having fun and eating candy - its purely cultural and void of any kind of religious meaning. And no, you can't convince me that demonic spirits are working through cheap plastic masks and other cheap decoratives made in China.


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