Thanksgiving Food Drives: Feed the Multitudes (Unless It's Illegal)
I had somewhat of a similar thought lately....we recently moved to the Atlanta area, and panhandling is illegal in the city.  Not only is it illegal, but giving money to beggars is actively discouraged by various media campaigns, public announcements, etc.

Some years ago, we had an associate pastor who gave some pretty rough-&-tumble sermons on our obligation to help the poor.  One of his many tart points was "It's none of your damned business if you KNOW that beggar is going to spend your $1 on cheap wine or drugs.  That is NOT your problem.  It's between him & God.  YOUR problem is that you see a human being in need, and you have the means to offer him something.  And it's going to go hard on your soul if you don't."

That really struck home for me.  Ever since then, I try to give at least small change whenever I can...and I'll just continue to ignore any local restrictions on panhandling or vagrancy.

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