Thanksgiving Food Drives: Feed the Multitudes (Unless It's Illegal)
(11-02-2009, 08:48 PM)DesperatelySeeking Wrote: Some years ago, we had an associate pastor who gave some pretty rough-&-tumble sermons on our obligation to help the poor.  One of his many tart points was "It's none of your damned business if you KNOW that beggar is going to spend your $1 on cheap wine or drugs.  That is NOT your problem.  It's between him & God.  YOUR problem is that you see a human being in need, and you have the means to offer him something.  And it's going to go hard on your soul if you don't."

Exactly.. ! Good for you and your associate pastor. He's not the only one who preached that way. St. John Chrysostom had stinging sermons on neglecting the poor and the attitudes of people, how even Christians blamed the poor for their own plight. Many of the same objections you hear today were used then - such as they are "undeserving" and "bring it on themselves" and "cheat, steal, & lie" etc. In fact, he could have said word-for-word this bit that catholichome posted:

Quote: Yes, it is distressing when people use doorways as urinals, but I think we need to ask ourselves a few questions.  Does anyone honestly believe that any human being, given the choice, would actually prefer defecating in a doorway to enjoying the privacy of a toilet?  Has it occurred to anyone that these human beings are using your doorways because there is nowhere else for them to go?  They drink alcohol in public? Perhaps if you had to urinate in public, you might turn to drink as well, if only to numb the shame and indignity of the situation.  Alcoholism is a disease and it is probably just one of the many trials faced by these individuals. Our city boasts three not-for-profit agencies charged with the mission of addressing this disorder.  You’re all aware of them. I’ve seen each of you at the black tie dinner dances that add to their coffers.

Now I've got to find one of my sermons from Chrysostom. Brb.

- Lisa

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