Thanksgiving Food Drives: Feed the Multitudes (Unless It's Illegal)
Quote:In the story of the loaves and fishes, Jesus told his disciples: YOU feed them. See, WE individuals are called to charity, and while the large food pantries and soup kitchens and charitable organizations have their place, we have alternatives.. There's the Interfaith Hospitality Network, for example, which depends on a different family to roll up their sleeves and bring a hot home-cooked meal every night. They sit down at the same table and actually eat the meal they cooked with the homeless and hungry; they break bread, they talk, they know their names. Now, that gets people like you and me involved in real hands-on helping – rather than holding “canned good drives” where people empty out the old stuff in their cupboards without looking at the expiration dates – without ever seeing and interacting with the "multitudes" Jesus told his disciples to feed.

- Lisa

But what has the Church dictated we must do vs. what we should do vs. what we can do? Remember that, and this is the danger of self-interpretation of Scripture, that the original Apostles/Disciples would be Bishops today. We must make sure we do not fall into the Protestant error of see the Apostles as being representatives of us (i.e. random Catholics with no Holy Orders) back then.

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