Thanksgiving Food Drives: Feed the Multitudes (Unless It's Illegal)
Yes, it's important to help, but we have to do it in the proper way.  I have been working for a charity for my whole adult life and I understand the reason for those regulations which frustrate everybody.   The food we give to the homeless and the hungry should meet the same hygiene and safety standards as the food served in restaurants.  Why?  Because to do otherwise places vulnerable people at risk.  Same with volunteers - around the holidays people get the idea that they want to go to a shelter and feed the homeless for a day, or they want to help out in a daycare center, but when they see the mountain of paperwork and the background checks they have to go through before being trained, they lose interest and complain that the bureaucrats are stopping them from helping.  But why should anybody who hasn't been trained or screened be allowed access to children or ill adults?   

One of my friends had some tough times and said that it was very difficult for her to go to the food pantry to get supplies for herself and her children.  She might start having free picnics in the park for anybody who wants to come - she'll advertise them at the food pantries.  This way she can skirt health department regulations,  and it will be more than just food - games, community, networking, etc.   I'd recommend that anybody who wants to distribute prepared food think about doing it that way.  She's calling them "potlucks" so it's eat at your own risk. 


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