Thanksgiving Food Drives: Feed the Multitudes (Unless It's Illegal)
(11-05-2009, 09:47 AM)Catholichome Wrote: Things have changed a lot in the pantry in our former parish.  I worked there as a volunteer over 20 years ago and at that time, we did break down bulk food into manageable portions. We were all volunteers except the Sister who ran the pantry. We did what we had to do for as long as we had to do it to get the job done.

I was also skilled at grant writing and managed to get funds for freezers and the electricity to keep them going. We had a program wherein parishioners would be given containers to take home and fill with precooked meals. These were labeled and then frozen to distribute to those who might have an emergency in the home: someone very ill in the hospital, a death in the family, or whatever the case might be. If there was an abundance of meals, they were given out. 

The Sister's brother was an avid fisherman and would bring fresh filleted fish to give out with no problem. I would often catch smaller fish and would fry them up to give out as well. I also ran a community garden and we would bring bushels and bushels of fresh vegetables to the pantry to give out. That's out of the question now, too. It's sad.  All of my fruits and vegetables are organic and grown from heirloom seeds. Can't give them away.

Like I said, nonprofits will take this stuff - shelters for battered women, runaway shelters, drug treatment centers, halfway houses.  I know the food guy where I work is Cordon Bleu trained and would weep with joy if somebody brought him some heirloom stuff.  Check your yellow pages for nonprofits, and ask to speak to the kitchen person NOT the donations person.  Either that, or go by and bring the kitchen person a bag of what you grow, and I guarantee they will then stalk you for more and then you'll say, "Why on earth did I ever listen to Magnificat?"

Can you get someone to let you start the garden again, this time with community volunteers who could get a bushel of fresh food in exchange for some weeding or watering?  This way they can then start their own gardens, hold farmers market-style exchanges, etc. 

I think you're really on to something; there's a gap and you have the means to fill it.

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