European court: No crucifixes in Italian schools
Texican Wrote:Interesting that it seems like most people opposing this, are doing so because of "tradition," and not because of Catholicism.

Yes.  Defending Catholicism purely on the grounds of cultural tradition is a double-edged sword -- a pagan could attack Catholicism for the same reason.  Perhaps that'll be the European Union's next step -- arraigning the Church for ethnically cleansing the traditional religions of the indigenous peoples of Europe!

What's weird though is that, according to the European Court of Human Rights' press release, the Italian legal authorities originally threw out the woman's complaint on the grounds that:

Quote: the crucifix was both the symbol of Italian history and culture, and consequently of Italian identity, and the symbol of the principles of equality, liberty and tolerance, as well as of the State’s secularism. ... [T]he cross had become one of the secular values of the Italian Constitution and represented the values of civil life.

So they weren't even trying to defend the Crucifix on the grounds that it represented Italy's traditional Christian culture, but that it was (somehow) a symbol of the Italian state's more recent tradition of secularism and pluralism.  ???  You can't blame the EU for being unimpressed with that defence!


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