European court: No crucifixes in Italian schools
(11-05-2009, 12:39 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: Can't open none of the links pls tell me in. A nutshell

Do you mean the youtube videos?

The first is a clip from EWTN's The World Over. A caller asks about having a constitutional amendment putting the United States under the Kingship of Christ. Raymond Arroyo looks uncomfortable as the traditionally-minded question is being asked, like he is embarrassed of it. Joesph Bottum comments declaring Christ King over the nation is a retrograde movement and says Christ is king over us as individuals. George Weigel points out correctly that both John Paul II and Vatican II would be opposed to such an idea.

What Weigel fails to point out is that the former is a heretic and the latter is a heretical council. So if you care about your salvation, you should not care what heretics say or what heretical documents state.

Weigel continues saying the state should not be making theological decisions. The state is incompetent in making those judgments, because a state that could declare Christ King, is a state that could declare Mohamed or Charles III - king and Oprah - queen. The guys who can't fix the potholes should not be meddling in religion. This is important to recognize because it puts the state in it proper place. The state is important in certain functions, but it does not have the capacity to make the judgment that Christ is King. All Weigel is doing is going along with the Second Vatican Council. Anyone who does this will go off the road in all sorts of directions.

The second video turns out to be a mini expose on the Vatican II sect. George Weigel is being interview on C-SPAN's book tv program. He calls the period from Constantine to Pius XII - the Babylonian Captivity of the Church. And the post-conciliar Vatican II Church will be looked at in 20,000 years as the new early Church. The real early Church of Christians being thrown to the lions will not be viewed as the early Church. John XIII, Paul VI, JP I & II, and BXVI will all be seen as early Church popes. He continues by saying the Church's alignment with state power (ie: crucifix in public schools, declaring Christ king over the nation) were bad ideas. Now the Church is free to be the defender of the human rights and the religious liberty of ALL - that John Paul II was.

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