Newsflash for Jovan!
My prayers, too.
I spoke with Jovan briefly today. Fortunately he's not on the streets at least. The same day he got thrown out of the bookstore a friend of his put him up for the night, whilst the following day another friend of his from the Royal Canadian Legion has had enough compassion on him to let Jovan stay at his place for as long as he likes; of course he's sleeping on the floor and is flat broke but at least he's not on the streets... I offered to pay for a one way ticket back to Kansas on the Greyhound but Jovan declined, telling me it would do him no good as he needs to have his passport stamped by Canadian Immigration before crossing the US border to prove he's left the country, and having his passport stamped on the US side won't work as that information won't go on the Canadian database; meaning that if Jovan cannot prove he's complied with the deportation order he'll be permanently banned from entering the country, thereby wrecking his hopes of being able to emigrate up here one day. Of course its not a problem if he leaves by plane, but obviously my funds cannot match my generosity. Jovan figures the only recourse is to throw himself at the mercy of Canadian Immigration and beg them to pay for his deportation... Although he hasn't had internet access for a week Jovan says he plans to try getting on the net at the local library for an hour just to update everyone on whats going on. He's touched by all your prayers and asks that you continue to pray for him as he prays for you.

If hear anymore I'll be sure to let everyone know.  :)
How did they even keep track of him to deport him? I don't know how the government can keep find people.

Around here illegals (not suggesting Jovan is an illegal) are everywhere in my midwest city, yet God forbid we deport them! That would be racist, of course those illegal Poles a while back were booted out of here quicker than an al-queda suspect. With the illegal mexicans I dont think the government bothers one bit to keep track of them, take that back the govt dose keep track of them via the schools, all those students make the schools get a lot of money.

sorry for the rant,  :pray2: good luck Jovan!

Keep your head up Jovan.  Stay positive and don't lose that sense of humor...  you can make it, but not if you give up!
Let me also join all of you in prayer.
Its real easy to get of the grid up here. Half of tO are illegal. Dunno how the gov tracked him blind luck or the women who tossed him our ratted him out. Happened to me. It a nasty thing to do. Don't know the details but cash work is easy to find here obviously jovan isn't a young mexican willing to work for a few bucks an hour digging graves as we have here close to me but maybe serving some general chow sour chickin balls at the lukcy honey in ch town might work?
Well that would be to much of an occasion o sin I fathom
anybody heard anything?

:pray2: for Jovan

I haven't heard from him for nearly two months now. I've got his cellphone number, but the number's not currently in use. Now Jovan did have a pay as you go type phone, so that fact that I can't make contact makes sense if he's got no credit on the thing which is likey. In the abscence of any contact, coupled with the apparent immience of his deportation; he's either still managing to hang around in Edmonton despite no money or internet access, or he's already back in the US somewhere... Last time we spoke he was flat broke and considering handing himself into Canadian immigration, and asking them to pay for his deportation. Its frustrating not knowing whats happened, its like he's disappeared from the face of the Earth...  :( :pray:
Pray! Hope his family his kids are helpin hi somehow.
Edmontons a dreadfull place to be with no ho$e in the winter. Dreadfukk doesn't really say it.
Hang in there Jovan!!!!!!b

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