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No real way to paraphrase what's in it...but pretty good piece...

Consider the implications: Forty-five years after the Council closed, and more than twenty years after the episcopal consecrations of 1988, the Society of Saint Pius X, its bishops no longer “excommunicated,” has been given an exclusive invitation—extended to no other person or group in the Church—to discuss doctrinal “questions” with Vatican representatives, without any precondition that the Society be prepared to submit to given propositions as doctrines of the Faith.

Most tellingly, the Society has not been given a profession of Faith including the “teachings of Vatican II” and asked to subscribe to it as the eventual outcome of the discussions. Quite the contrary, it is clear from the entire tenor of the press release that the very purpose of the joint study commission is to determine whether Vatican II has actually enunciated any doctrinal proposition in the first place that would require an assent not required of Catholics before the Council.

What all of this means is that nearly half a century after the Council the Vatican is still unable simply to declare in so many words what the Council requires Catholics to believe beyond what has always been taught by the Church.  It remains a matter for cordial examination and discussion by a joint study commission—and who knows what the results of that study will be!  Meanwhile, there is not the slightest suggestion by the Vatican party that the Society’s adherents are heretics, theologically errant, or even guilty of temerarious propositions in their opposition to the post-conciliar changes in the Church.

For decades we traditionalists have been marginalized, mocked, and denounced as “dissenters from the Magisterium,” if not outright schismatics, on account of our adherence to propositions that were no more than statements of the obvious. Let us recall the principal ones in light of the recent words and deeds of Pope Benedict XVI and the former Cardinal Ratzinger:

It was an excellent article. Something worthy to show those that speak ill of the SSPX.
This is a great article - I read it about a week ago or so ( I am always keeping up with the good folks at the Remnant).

I e-mail a bit back and forth with my old Novus Ordo priest (telling him why I stand firm in the Traditional Faith and why I no longer attend the N.O. Mass), and when I sent him this, he was pretty much stricken quiet.  But, he did make a remark later on that "the Lefebvrites will surely splinter, then who will you follow?"  He just doesn't get it...

It is clearly obvious that Our Lady and her Holy Son Jesus Christ are with the SSPX during these tumultuous times - and this article helps to show the proof of this.  God Bless the SSPX.
(11-10-2009, 08:19 PM)BrevisVir55 Wrote: It was an excellent article. Something worthy to show those that speak ill of the SSPX.

They (petrelton) would still find a way of spinning it.
petrelton's gonna end up pretty dizzy soon. great article. love the remnant!

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