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FOX and the Telegraph are about equal in their reliability; I prefer the Telegraph purely because of its low-key, dignified presentation (especially in comparison to FOX.)

The BBC is OK for things other than world events and politics.

CNN is getting better, but still has the attitude that the default correct view is the left-leaning one.
Fox News although they are getting more and more left. Shep Smith wouldn't even use the word Muslim when describing the Muslim terrorist that shot all those people at Ft. Hood. Although Judge Nepolitano was advocating the States convening a Constitutional Convention and abolishing the federal income tax to starve the government back down to size.

He rightly said that both the left and the right want power over all of us and the only way to stop it is for the states to take the power away from the Feds.

I agree with what Felicitas said. All I've seen of Fox News really is this Glenn Beck, who seems overtly right wing and although I like much of what I've seen him say it's hardly unbiased. I'm sure the Telegraph is biased too but far less overtly so, it's the only paper I'll ever spend money on (except maybe for the Mail On Sunday only because of Peter Hitchens, but I can read him on the internet anyway).

The BBC is overtly leftist and I don't know CNN really.

So I picked Daily Telegraph.
I didn't vote.

I don't really trust any news, and try to scan multiple sources.  Scan two different major newspapers sometimes (generally 2+ or none).  Don't have time or patience for TV anymore...  Sometimes scan the internet news feeds through Google...

I've never read the Telegraph, I used to read BBC a lot, I never trusted CNN, and Fox always seemed a little incompetent.... although a tad less biased now that I think about it.
Sip sip
Fox News, while not perfect, is the most reliable in my most humble opinion.

We report. You decide.  Pipe

I will take my news from any source, but just as important as the information presented is a knowledge of the biases under which each news source operates.  I will watch Fox News, but I keep aware of their neo-conservative sympathies.  I'll watch CNN or MSNBC, but I keep in mind that they will typically not question Obama and his allies.

I like a lot of the foreign press much more when it comes to news of things going on in the USA.  They tend to be a bit more objective (especially concerning economic news).  For instance, Russia Today has done an excellent job of calling out the USA's reckless spending and horrific monetary policy.  Ironically, they've done very well at pointing out our failure to uphold free market principles!

Also, there are some British news agencies that have done a much better job at providing detailed coverage of actual events on the ground in Afghanistan.
I agree with RBJ. I get my news from everywhere. It doesn't surprise me that the majority polled get their news from Fox. I'm sure if everyone on the forum were to vote the result would be about the same.

Some of the good British journalism I referred to above.  This is from The Guardian.  Powerful piece, especially since it gets feedback directly from the troops on the ground.

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