Vatican astronomer says if aliens exist, they may not need redemption
Just to add more 'ramblings' to the intriguing thoughts in the OP:-

In the Creed we say God created heaven and earth and 'all that is seen and unseen' the vision is open up to a proliferation in Creation. Genesis 1 unfolds the heavens and the earth in time, and in Cap 3,  the first alien life appears in the form of a talking serpent (later recognized as Satan). By inference, already a spiritual battle was waged in the heavens. Elsewhere, the Bible continues to speak of  giants and descendants of fallen angels and their kind. St Paul reminds us that we are battling against principalities, powers and various orders of being. The Revelation of St John contains various images of creatures, the Cherubim and the Seraphim. The angels are also addressed as 'sons of God' in OT. So Creation is filled with alien-beings. Do they originally conform to the 'image and likeness' of God, like man?

In many ancient myths and creation-stories, the gods and children of the gods interplayed. Many stories and novels were written of them. The Lord of the Ring and the Silmarillion of Tolkien delight us with the fables of men, elves, hobbits, the Valar and the Ainur. The Valars(akin to the archangels) were allowed to participate in creation.Men and Elves were children of the One. It was observed in these the eons of time, facts turned into legends and legends became myths in the memory of man. Not all of these beings were fallen. Do these mythic creatures allure to something factual in Creation?

Is there more to the 'unseen' than to the 'seen'? Please do not think I am advocating any heretical thoughts!  :)

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