Vatican astronomer says if aliens exist, they may not need redemption
(11-13-2009, 08:55 AM)glgas Wrote: We got no revelation about such things. The answer depends on

What is the extent of the dogma: One Saint, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

If the One applies to the world, than the original sin applies to the possible aliens too, and they are saved through the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, which will be revealed to them in due time (as it was revealed to the American Indiansafter 1492)

I see no theological absurdity in the opinion that they are multiple worlds with multiple testing and result. Those who passed the test are already members of the Triumphant Church, does who failed are either extincted of in some phase of the history of Salvation. Since any creatures relationship to God is only 'relatio rationis ratiotinatae'  (I hang on a rope, below is the abyss and above there is nothing, the rope just ends) multiple Incarnation is not impossible, although not very probable. There is no need for it.

What do you think of this idea:  The Incarnation of the Word happened, historically, on Earth.  The Redemption also did.  Scripture says all Creation is awaiting the revelation of the sons of God.  Therefore, other significant beings in the cosmos are awaiting the proclamation of the Gospel once Christendom masters intergalactic transportation; just as Christendom mastered intercontinental transportation to proclaim the Gospel to the whole Earth.

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