Vatican astronomer says if aliens exist, they may not need redemption
One thing's for sure: there's no sign of intelligent life on Capitol Hill in D.C.  :laughing:
(11-13-2009, 05:03 PM)LRThunder Wrote: One thing's for sure: there's no sign of intelligent life on Capitol Hill in D.C.   :laughing:

I think there needs to be more distinctions.

Intelligent Life
Sentient Life
Devious Life
Basic Life

(11-13-2009, 02:23 PM)DarkKnight Wrote: Why are we even debating this? We have enough trouble dealing with real issues and events! The time spent debating this would be better spent praying for the souls in Purgatory.

No kidding +1
But let's keep the topic open: not everyone that reads this  has been here for years.
There are possibly many people who come here looking who will just run away if they get a kick in the crotch the first time they put up anything.

Sure, pray for souls in purgatory, but there are many who come here looking for a relief from an earthly purgatory. Don't bash'm up.

Everyone "in the world" is endlessly bombarded with "financial crises, taxes, medical insurance, global warming, living beyond your means, Darwinism, 2012,,,,,etc. etc.

Let's be compassionate!

Look at the Members List... At least 2/3 of people who signed up never entered...Is this the Church Militant?

Should almost desperate people be frightened away by an oligarchy of backstabbers and backslappers?

I suggest that this site (and others like it ) need an introductory place where anyone can go to "get their bearings". A place where there are kindly folk that can/will answer basic questions. Where there is a basic warning..."if you go outside of this you may well meet some weird people".
Yes, I think the speculation is fascinating and a bit fun.
Fun for whom?
For me.
For all fun loving creatures.....the fallen but redeemed!

The orthodox Catholic Tolkien was instrumental in the conversion of the once atheistic Lewis to Christianity. Tolkien was able to convince Lewis that myths were not falsehoods and the so-called Christian 'myths' were depictions of the Ultimate Reality. In the Lord of the Ring, the elves were angelic beings, on a journey home (the West). They were not fallen beings like men. But they awaited the age of man to fulfill their dreams. In the stories, the redemption of all the ages rested on the acts of men, the lowest and weakest link in creation. So Tolkein related in his mythic stories what he sensed in the Biblical truths, in particular the reality of the 'Incarnation'. Is it not that various beings, not fallen but imperfect, in the image and likeness of God, look toward the salvation of men as theirs as well?
Would you be willing to host such a programme?
You sound like a most attractive schoolmarm to me. And someone who knows that onions aint carrots.
If you're game for that  put it to the forum owners/moderators....I'll back you up,but bear in mind that I'm a troll and new here..

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