Vatican astronomer says if aliens exist, they may not need redemption
If they exist and have a civilization of their own, I imagine that each one probably is in a different galaxy, millions of light years away.  If JC hasn't come back in 30 million or so, maybe we'll get to meet the ones in Andromeda when their galaxy crashes into ours.

1.  Maybe they weren't tested, like the animals on earth aren't tested.  In speculative theology, is it possible to have a highly intelligent, non-rational being, capable of building an advanced civilization without the need of conscience?  Ultimately, I suppose they would be what the evolutionists believe we are.

2.  If their ancestors passed, are they still tested individually?  Do some now pass and others fail?  Do the ones who pass shun those who fail, or do they mix and produce offspring who have only partially inherited original sin?
If their ancestors failed, did Jesus' death here count for them, or would he have to die on their planet for them?  If he only died here for us, but did not for them, does that mean he loves them less than us?  He loves all of his creation, but he only became incarnate for us.

I think, ultimately, without new, public revelation, the Church's only responsibility to them would be to offer them conditional baptism if they desired it.

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