Hindu Sacrifice of 250,000 animals begin
I always enjoy reading about these sorts of things from a variety of different news sources.  For instance, The Hindu estimates 3 to 5 hundred thousand animals will be sacrificed, and reports that about 80% of the people who attend the festival will travel from India.   


I first heard about this practice from Hindu friends, and since then I've followed the debate with interest.  If I understand correctly, part of this is a caste issue as well - the lower castes still participate in these types of activities, whereas the upper caste Hindus tend not to.  Marc alluded to that a bit.

Most of the Hindus I have known tend to agree with this line of argument:


Another similar view from a mainstream Indian newspaper:


(11-25-2009, 11:38 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: U sound
Like a trad guru. Wonder how big beard is.

Make that a clean-shaven trad guru.
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-Swami Stevusananda.

P.S. Vishnu said get a haircut, hippy.
St. Francis Xavier, pray for us.

Pray for the missions in India. Those people need the light of Christ.
it is truly a dark and ominous religion. may the intercession of St Francis Xavier obtain the loosening of the bonds of these poor slaves of sin. May their hearts be converted to the True and Living Faith, and may they attain salvation and everlasting life in Eternity as well as liberation from the snares of paganism on Earth.

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