Christian Brothers Ordered to Pay 161m
a very sad state of affairs In New Zealand all denominations have been tarred with the same feathers.  The Church is being made to pay for the mistakes of sad individuals within the Church.  In countries like New Zealand only the Church is being held responsible. Other minor denominations do not have the financiall resources to address the problem so they are getting away scott free. In Australia last week the Prime Minister , Kevin Rudd,apologised ( but did not volunteer or was not forced to negotiate settlements with the victims because the Federal Government has laws in place to prevent it from being sued) to victims of  joint  British /Australian decisions to force the emigration from  the UK  of young orphans to Australia. They ended up in some abominable situations , abuse was rife and all many speak of being displaced with resultant anxieties etc.

NB Only the Church has to pay!

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